Affordable Childcare

Panmure Bridge Childcare Centre is committed to providing quality early childhood education for our community and keeping our fees affordable.

Panmure Bridge Childcare Centre makes every effort to keep the fees for children under 3 years of age reasonable. We receive the 20 Hour ECE subsidy from the Ministry of Education. This means that your child from age 3 onwards can enrol at Panmure Bridge Childcare Centre for up to 6 hours per day, up to 20 hours per week at no cost to you.

At present we are also offering a further 10 hours per week of free fees for children over the age of 3 along with the 20 Hrs ECE subsidy. This means that your child can attend the Centre up to 6 hours per day for 5 days per week and incur no fees.*

For any further information about what makes us an affordable choice for you and your child, please contact us for more details.

*The extra 10 hours free fees is subject to change

Who We Are

We are a Christian Centre so our curriculum is based on Christian values and the development of moral character and dispositions like kindness, honesty, generosity, integrity , humility, morality, forgiveness. We use both a developing Christian curriculum and Te Whāriki us to guide us in curriculum planning.

Our motivation and aspiration in all that we do is to show God’s love and compassion to children and their families. The waiata below has become our theme song.


E toru nga mea
Nga mea nui
E kī ana
Te Paipera
Ko te mea nui
Ko te aroha.


There are three things
very important things
as stated in
the Bible
and the greatest thing,


 And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

1 Corinthians 13:13

Quality Education

We are committed to providing quality education by valuing the principles of Te Whāriki, promoting learning through play, and being committed to planning and delivering a programme which uses quality resources. We respect and develop each child’s individuality, interests and strengths by recognizing the importance of positive self-identity. We treat all children, families and members of the wider community with respect and acknowledge uniqueness and potential in each individual.

We create a place where children and families are happy and content and have a sense of belonging. Our staff are committed to developing a meaningful partnership and relationship with families/whanau.

Healthy Meals

We provide healthy meals and snacks for the children prepared by our qualified cook at Panmure Bridge Childcare Centre. Great care is given to quality and hygiene in food preparation. We provide morning tea, lunch, pudding and afternoon tea. If children have any special dietary needs, we do our best to provide suitable food choices. Parents may also choose to provide food for their child fully or in part to meet their special dietary requirements.

The meals are designed to provide well balanced, nutritional meals and snacks for the children trying to use food with minimal preservatives, food colouring and an excess of salt or sugar.

Fresh fruit is served with almost all snacks or main meals


We believe that it takes a village to raise a child. We recognize that teaching/learning experiences and experimentation are co-operative ventures in which everyone involved learns. We acknowledge that through the skills of others we can obtain new information.

The relationship we have with our children, parents and whanau is extremely important to us. We make every effort to support children and parents through the transition period from home to Panmure Bridge Childcare Centre and from Panmure Bridge Childcare Centre to primary school. We are always available to discuss any concerns or comments that parents may have.

One of our long term strategic goals is to offer ongoing support to our families and community in the areas of nutrition, parenting and health.

Vaued Staff

Our staff are valued and will be involved at all levels in the operation of our service and feel that their contribution is valued. Valued staff will result in the best learning environment for children.