Panmure Bridge Childcare Centre know our purpose is to glorify Jesus Christ and know that Jesus loves us. This means that we will nurture children to have a love for Jesus Christ, a passion for loving one another to prepare them for life and reaching their God given potential and purposes.

We value the involvement of children’s family/whanau, and build and support genuine relationships, to empower each other to be the best we can be.
We believe that the early years build the foundation of lifelong learning. Our responsibility is to provide an environment that aligns with Te Whāriki’s vision as “competent and confident learners and communicators, healthy in mind, body and spirit, secure in their sense of belonging and in the knowledge that thy make a valued contribution to society.” Therefore, we endeavour to create an environment which fosters curiosity, creativity, critical thinking, social competency, emotional resilience, self-help skills and a strong identity in Jesus Christ.


Vision Statement

Nurturing Children to have a heart for Jesus Christ to prepare them for life and a love of learning.



  • Christian Values. Christian and Biblical values are central to our organisation. These include the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the promotion of Christian character development by demonstration of love, kindness, honesty, integrity, wisdom, humility, morality, generosity, forgiveness to others etc…
  • Quality Education. We are committed to providing quality teaching by valuing the Principles and Strands of Te Whāriki, promoting learning through play and being committed to planning and delivering a programme which uses quality resources.
  • Acknowledge uniqueness and potential. We respect and encourage each individual child’s language, culture, identity, interests and strengths. We treat all children, families and members of the wider community with respect and acknowledge uniqueness and potential in each individual.
  • Te Tiriti O Waitangi. We recognize Maori as Tangata Whenua, their unique place in New Zealand culture, to honour their history, language, culture and identity. We strive to work as partners to enhance positive learning outcomes for our tamariki and whanau.
  • Happy children and Families. We create a place where children and families are happy and content and have a sense of belonging. Our staff is committed to developing a meaningful partnership and relations with families/whanau.
  • Ako, tuakana/teina role. We recognise that teaching/learning experiences and experimentation are co-operative ventures. Everyone learns through sharing, supporting and acknowledging the skills and knowledge of the others to attain new information.
  • Valued Staff. Our staff is valued and will be involved at all levels in the operation of our service and feel that their contribution is valued. Valued staff will result in the best learning environment for children.
  • Commitment. We are committed to be loyal to Ark Foundation, staff, children, whanau/families and staff.
  • Health and Safety. We provide a safe, secure, healthy and inviting environment for children, Whanau/families and staff.
  • Whanau Involvement. This will be evident in parent’s involvement in their child’s learning, celebrations, offering parenting support through a range of community sources and resources, regular communication with parents, fundraising, working bees, family nights, and regular policy review.
  • Community Involvement. We aspire to make meaningful connections with our community. For example, relationships with local schools and ECE centres, the local library and shops. We will develop a hub at the Centre to support community input into the Centre.