Panmure Bridge Childcare centre provides highly trained educators offering affordable, supportive childcare. Christian principles underpin our teaching and learning programme, helping your child develop positive morals and values. Enrolments are open to all. Parents are welcome to become involved if they so choose. Your child will;

  • Receive a tasty, freshly-cooked meal each day.
  • Engage in fun play and learning activities.
  • Be preparing for school at 5 years
  • Be cared for in a family-like environment

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Our mission is to deliver quality early childhood education that is affordable for families in Panmure and the surrounding areas.

Our programme is Christian-based and allows children to develop life-long values, their spirituality, identity,  and prepares them for transition to start school through a stimulating and welcoming learning environment.

Our communities and families are involved in the life of our centre. This will be evident in the parents’ involvement in their child’s learning, the education of parents in basic parenting and living skills, the organisation of a parent committee, regular communication with parents, fundraising, working bees, family nights and regular policy reviews.

We provide a healthy environment for staff and children including exercise, nutrition, and hygiene.

Sample Daily Menu

  • Morning Tea: Toast with Marmite or jam, fresh fruit, milk and water
  • Lunch: macaroni and cheese with chopped vegetables, fresh fruit, and water
  • Afternoon tea: Marmite sandwiches with dried apricots

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